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Introducing Mouth Peace 

Life is so hectic these days. Some mornings, simple tasks like brushing your teeth or brewing that first cup of coffee can seem impossible. That’s why we’ve partnered with the American Dental Association to help streamline your mornings with Mouth Peace, our new dental care line designed to enhance your smile while keeping you at peak caffeination.


Move Over Mint

In taste testing toothpastes, our R & D team found that 8 out of 10 coffee drinkers prefer the flavor of our coffee-infused oral care products to the same old overly minty ones available on retail shelves today. The market was practically begging for a product that could bring the positive benefits of regular oral hygiene and daily caffeine intake together in one easy-to-digest product.

Mouth Peace toothpaste comes at you in three deliciously zippy flavors — Guatemalan Pour Over, Black Squirrel Double Espresso, and Decaf French Press–for nighttime use, and our revolutionary Yeti Cold Brew mouthwash–where a quick rinse and swallow both cleans and caffeinates!

Mouth Peace products are just the beginning in the pursuit to incorporate our mission of being in it for good to everyday products that can improve your life while saving you time. By dedicating our team of coffee enthusiasts to this mission, we hope to continue to be the best part of your morning, one mouth peace at a time.

More Than Bathroom Essentials

By now, we hope that perhaps you’ve read through this post and also taken a look at the calendar date. And though it’s no coincidence that it reads April 1st, Mouth Peace is no laughing matter. Here at Peace Coffee, we put our money where our mouth is.

So meet Mouth Peace, our new instrument of community development and giving that encompasses everything from supporting local nonprofits to sounding off on important issues that matter.

Follow along as we commit space, time, and dollars to voices in our community that need to be heard. And if you think we went a long way to get to this message, you’re right, because just like the great importance of oral hygiene, giving our community a Mouth Peace is essential to being in it for good.

Mouthing Off

Mouth Peace Coffees

Order today to receive a complimentary ‘Mouth Peace’ toothbrush while supplies last.

guatemala dark roast organic coffee bag


Rich & Chocolaty
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bag of organic espresso beans

Black Squirrel Espresso

Swift & Caramelly
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bag of cold brew coffee beans

Yeti Cold Brew

Smooth & Creamy